Love Notes

We Have A lot to Offer

I subscribe to loooooots of podcasts! Among my favourites, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations (her 10-part series with Eckhart Tolle is fantastic), Art & Faith Conversations, Beautiful Writers Podcast, NDE Radio, Exploring Death with Lisa Jones, On Being and Insights at the Edge … and on it goes.

Today’s act of Conscious Kindness for me is short and simple. I decided to rate my favourite podcasts and leave a grateful review. As an author, I know full well the great joy that comes with a reader’s thoughtful feedback and gratitude. An email like that can lift my week! So, I have no excuse, really, for not having let these podcast creators know how much I’ve gained from listening to their offerings. Before today, I’d only done it once. I sent an email to Tami Simon, the founder of spiritual publishers Sounds True, to thank her for Insights at the Edge. She was so delighted! I was surprised, since Tami is the most gifted interviewer and a real shining light in her field, but it still meant a lot to her to read my little message of thanks.

I think it’s easy for us to under-estimate what we have to offer another …

Since I’ve recently started to put together my Spirit Sisters podcast, I really know now (oh boy, don’t I know!) how time-consuming it is – a real labour of love. Speaking of love and podcasts, big shout-out to my sister who’s lending me her time and expertise to help me launch my own. If you haven’t listened to her Talking Tudors podcast yet, pop your headphones in. Five stars from me!

Karina x