About US

Ripples of Love Community Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation based in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire whose goal is to give back to the community by serving its most vulnerable members. With the help of our wonderful supporters, we provide Big Love Boxes to people in need.

It is our belief that each of us can make a difference. One small act of kindness can inspire a cascade of generosity and have a powerful ripple effect that each and every one of us can carry forward into a much brighter and more compassionate future.

“One is not born into the world to do everything, but to do something.” Henry David Thoreau

Our Vision

That all members of our community be able to live fulfilled and purposeful lives and have their basic needs met, while also feeling connected to, supported by and cared for by the community. It is our belief that one small act of kindness can have far-reaching positive effects and be a powerful catalyst for change.

Our Mission

The purpose of our organisation is to:

Serve, uplift and improve the lives of people in need, by providing personalised care packages (Big Love Boxes) to these individuals, or to charities and other organisations working to support them

Remind people in need that their lives matter and that they have not been forgotten by the community

Inspire and enable members of the community and our supporters to directly help people experiencing hardship.

Our Work

After receiving a referral from a family support service or community support service, we find a volunteer or group of volunteers to build a Big Love Box for the individual or family in need. When the box is ready, we arrange collection/drop off and delivery.

Ripples of Love is a not-for-profit organisation, who relies solely on donations to undertake the work we do.