What to include in my Big Love Box?

Possible items to include in your Big Love Box

Please remember that for health and safety reasons, all items need to be new and in their original packaging. We also request that any toiletries be full size, rather than travel/mini size.

any items specified in the profile towel set
items connected to the recipient’s
store voucher
deodorantmovie voucher
toothpastetoiletry bag- moisturiser
toothbrushhand sanitiser
flosslip balm / chapstick
soapaccessories (e.g. scarf, beanie, cap)
shampoo and conditionerherbal tea
razors (disposable)inspirational reading material
hairbrush / combeye pillow
facial wipesjournal
sanitary productsmints /gum
body wash / shower gelhandwritten note of support
and encouragement
bed sheets (single size) And lots of love!

What to include in your Big Love Box – PDF Download